Advanced Intelligence to
Drive Shareholder Return

You’re sitting on a goldmine. Unearth the revenue potential of your customer relationships.

Elevating Banks from $1 Billion to $200 Billion

Increasing Shareholder Return

We use data aggregation, advanced intelligence, and banker tools to increase shareholder returns. We make it possible to see where your money is coming from, where your capital is going, and which bankers are driving the most revenue. The bottom line: we are a revenue improvement company that delivers enhanced and measurable increases in shareholder return.

Build a community upon trust

Start with Data

Start by building a holistic view of your customers. By combining all of their disparate data, standardizing it, and curating it, you can create a trusted, universal source of the truth. However, this is not the goal - it’s only the first step.

Build a community upon trust

Add Intelligence

The next step is to incorporate all of the factors that impact the value of each relationship. By combining our intelligence from client profitability, client behavior, and relationship deepening, you can begin to formulate a revenue growth strategy for each individual client. With your data, we show you how to use the many levers available to improve relationships and grow shareholder return.

Build a community upon trust

Drive Revenue Growth

By putting enriched data tools directly in the hands of bankers, you can support and direct their day-to-day actions in a way that directly contributes to increased returns. And since they can see the results, they are incentivized to spend their time enhancing client experience AND shareholder returns.

Build a community upon trust
" White Clay makes sure bankers are expending resources on the right customers, and ensures they are doing it profitably. " Nick Papachristou, Stockyards Bank & Trust

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