Our Solution

6-Factor, holistic solution to drive shareholder return.

Relationship Profitability

Understand and optimize each client’s contribution to shareholder value.

  • Includes all bank products & transactions
  • Reconciles to your GL
  • Configurable calculations to match Bank methods
  • Built at account level to aggregate in many ways
  • Opportunity Analysis

Relationship Pricing

Ensure both clients and shareholders receive value from the relationship.

  • Relationship Pricing Tool
  • TM Pricing Tool
  • Market Pricing
  • Pricing Approval Process
  • Pricing Review
  • Stack Ranked Pricing Performance by Banker
  • Opportunity Analysis

Client Management

Provide market teams with data and tools to understand and enhance client relationships.

  • Holistic Client View
  • Intelligence to Deepen Relationships
  • Drive Primary Relationships
  • Relationship Reviews
  • Behavior Segmentation
  • Supports Cross LOB Teams

Sales Management

Lead and coach your market teams with combined information and focused reporting.

  • Automatically Combine Pipelines
  • Manage & Coach Sales Activities
  • Facilitate Referrals
  • Simplify Sales Reporting
  • Intelligence to empower coaching

Performance Management

Optimize market teams by using accurate, focused information to measure, inspect, and coach.

  • Provide Stack Ranking
    • Pricing
    • Relationship Depth
    • Treasury Management
    • Portfolio Performance
  • Incorporate performance targets/goals by role
  • Intelligence to optimize banking teams and markets

Banker Incentive

Align banker reward with shareholder return with automated, reconciled, easy to use information.

  • Utilizes profitability information to align with shareholder value
  • Automatically updated from core data
  • Delivered in interactive scorecards drillable to client information
  • Supports all Lines of Business

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